Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

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You Are Not a Prisoner

On Aug 23, 2011 stuart wrote:

as an image, we see darkly? but in the light of fate we answer. our hopes inspire, our dreams unfold and we answer. instructing to be wise we tell the matter as though we are the only one with the answers. but what makes us teach? is first, that we listen. here! in oppertunity we find that we belong. friends? let us be sensical!  where ever the road turns do we journey. reproof gives light and the soul aspires. here, in time, we find our purpose. we are here together  to make peace with what we all hold in our struggle. the matter, is to listen! and you will hear the wind blow. if it is at your door? open! and you will find the treasure at the step looking to come in.

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