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Evolution's Gold Standard

On Aug 14, 2011 navin sata wrote:

In spritual perspective  most of us are like fish in water,we let our senses  wonder in endless ocean of material world  all marketing techniques  are fisherman with sensual baits once mind gets hooked on this lure ,and finds comfort in it  than endless cycle of sensual  contnues. we reason it in the name of  1. material necessity for our life style . our desires have no end they drive us from birth to death  .     only true spiritual knowlege can free us from all the marketing it takes us beyond body mind and intlect. always ask your self  what is the end resault.  it is described    -      In scripture  our body is our vehicle,five senses are five horses that we ride our veachle with, in this roads of life,our intlect  is reins  that contrlols our senses(horses) our true spirit soul is driver and passenger is our individual war of mahabharat great warrior Arjun ask shri krishna to be his driver to guide him . we surrender to lord let our life and action follow spiritual advise shri krshna gave to all mankind. so the root  question s answer is in spirtual knowelege( think outside the box )  always love navin                                                                                                                                                                               

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