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Evolution's Gold Standard

On Aug 13, 2011 Conrad wrote:

Thank you Somik for the opportunity to respond

Paradoxically, karma seems to work for me. I still have many bad habits which facilitates my obesity and impatience , and many other shortcomings. Doing something about them is worthwhile. Meditation and practicing patience and peacefulness helps me much. Change for me is very slow. I must often remind myself that it is helpful to forgive myself, again, and again, and again. Karma is paradoxical in the sense that I do not gain merit from meditation, but it does help me to be myself, which, when I am mindful, I know that everything I do can be a meditation leading me towards more compassion for others and myself. This often fosters  a temporary realization that  I am no separate  one, going, nowhere. It also helps me to realize there is as the prajnaparamita says: "no  knowledge, no attainment, no realization, for there is nothing to attain." I must admit that I don't think that way very often unless I am asked to respond to comments by someone like Diane Ackerman. As Gandhi said: "If you don't see God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further. Meditation helps one see God in oneself even though that God might not be a being separate from the universe.

Warm and kind regards to everyone




How does awareness of my drives as a practice and an outcome of cultivation play out for me?" And him will him and him and him

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