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    On Jul 18, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Interesting.   I have sat pondering about this..

    And yes, so true, that awareness and a "heightened" awareness brings relaxation and a deeper sense of self.  But there is also a truth that "experience" of relaxation takes some years to accomplish, by some form of a crashing/suffering/learning in life.

    I love the analogy given, that a child falls many times before it walks, and so does an adult fall many times before he/she can relax. It's not a miracle that happens to attain it.  It's a determination to "achieve" as we watch others also fall. Watching isnt entirely the experience, it's the fall and get up, but between those two is the "will" to make the get up happen.

    As we know you can read a book and get a good understanding of the text or story line, but unless you speak to the author, publicist or the inspiration -- muse behind the story, that's when one fully understand the entirety of the whole story, that's when it all falls into place... So to experience a complete relaxation (top to bottom) takes "life" and "mistakes"..

    My experiences to achieve true relaxation is not of two fold, but rather of a "life" fold, as we have to become the "one", the comfortable, the accepting and the willing to receive such a gift of relaxation from a  "nothingness". Yes, when you know there is nothing coming, its when one stops thinking and then starts breathing, and so true, much of a fuller life, relaxation, love, awareness and pure manifestations come from a relaxed state of being nothingness. This has happened to most people at one stage or another, but we lose sight of that peaceful, relaxation magnificence -- and call it boring -- so were off to have a coffee with someone else that's 'bored' instead of being,or being together and resting the soul for total conscious awareness to question thoughts and develop, so when the passion bug of insightfulness takes over, we can then achieve a greater good in relaxation to achieve a purpose of oneness in relaxation.

    Sounds mighty good - I'm trying for that ;-) It's all easier said than done, because the world we live in today has many man-made-self distractions, Isn't that funny, we deliberately sabotage the pure purpose of being and of what we are trying to achieve in awareness. Hmm... But a childs step is one at a time, so relaxing me can help to relax you, and then we can try to relax the world :-) Much love, thought and happiness..

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