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Make Death Your Ally

On Jul 10, 2011 susan schaller wrote:

"Life is short."  has become a meaningless cliché for most people.  It had for me, until I suddenly crumpled up with more pain than I ever imagined possible.  I would have died within 30 hours, but for emergency surgery.  On the way to the operating room, I knew I was dying, and saw Death, smelling His breath.  I woke up from surgery with a huge, bloated abdomen stapled together, grateful for the pain from the incision which was so much less than the pain before surgery.  I remember staring at my hands, saying, "I'm alive.  I'm alive."   Since then, I began living, noticing, then experiiencing my connections to my greater Self, the Self that is connected to all of you, to all of life.  I am not my body.  I am not my mind.  I am not my feelings.  All that dies.  I finally met unending Life and Love.  Thank you, Death, for the introduction.

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