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Do A Nice Thing For Your Future Self

On Mar 6, 2018 me wrote:

Every night, my body says "It's time to sleep"!  
As a child, I heard often, (from my dad), "you sleep in the the bed you make (or don't make).  If you make a mess any where in life, you'll eventually have to face it (future self).  The rules created in my father's house where all geared to that.  (We were NOT served breakfast until our bed was made (or linen stripped for mom to wash)!  Very simply, the rules where set and we had to abide by them.  The consequence of not following the plan set before us was ... to find another house in which to live!  I can't say that I enjoyed my upbringing while in the midst of it, but as an adult I SURE am thankful for it!  (GOOD comes from lessons learned.)  
Deserving or not, every night I receive a gift from myself ... a freshly made bed!  My body, sleeps better "in order"!  Thank you mom and dad!  

God does NOT create "Lousy pieces of human garbage".  Your Father lives in Heaven! 

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