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The Mystery of Love

On Jul 5, 2011 Pancho wrote:


My heart had a metamorphosis of love and kindness
since I met you, beloved one.
To Be in Receptive Silence
is a translation of
a universal love into human spirit.
Did you know that the soul is made out of love?
If we don’t love
we begin to die inside.
So love without limits,
Be courageous without limits,
Be compassionate without limits!
Every time that universal love
through us,
the soul
shaped out of it
gets stronger.
Love is the reality,
poetry the drum
that calls us to act.
The soul lives
in the quiet breath…
Somewhere on
the ocean floor of the mind
lies the pearl of existence,
where stillness becomes
awareness and equanimity…
currents of attentive presence,
the buoyant force of life
emerges on the surface,
as ripples of kindness,
as waves of compassion,
as Tsunamis of love!
Go ahead and shape the shore of humanity,
as the Moon of Justice and Service
gently shapes the pearl of our existence!
This is the force
of light and gravity.
It comes from cosmic courage, ever dynamic,
inspired always by this love.
And thus, I sink again into darkness,
casting the anchor of a secret smile,
where photons cannot reach,
the eyes cannot see
and yet, with hearts wide open,
I feel the sun of your love, beloved one,
shaping the space-time of life by
kissing the heart of hearts,
one wave at a time.
Sometimes happiness is the source of my smile;
sometimes my smile is the source of happiness.
Sometimes fearlessness is the source of my loving eyes;
sometimes my loving eyes are the source of fearlessness.
Sometimes courage is the source of stillness;
sometimes stillness is the source of courage.
Can you tell the difference, beloved friend?
Can you tell where the ocean kisses the sky?
Can you see that spot in the horizon where the Sun turns red?
Where your presence turns into red gold?
Can you tell that we live in a round borderless country,
where the color of our skin, legs and heart
are our passport and visa?
Can you tell if the moving clouds
are reflected on the still surface of the lake,
or if the still lake
is a reflection of the moving clouds?
Is this now the sound of the ocean or the wind in the forest?
Can you feel the sweet water meeting the sea?
Can you see the forest exhaling clouds?
Can you touch the light of the rainbow of your dreams?
Can you smell the joy of a liberated soul?
Can you taste the sweetness of forgiveness?
Can you tell where the microcosmos dissolves the boundaries of the innercosm?
Zoom out to outer space
and tell me,
how does the horizon look like?
Zoom out to outer space
and tell me, beloved friend,
what does “country” mean now?
Zoom in into your heart
and you will honor diversity.
Zoom in into your heart
and you will find all the answers.
Listen beloved friend!
It is the roaring of our collective love
reaching the shores of now.
Feel the motion of the impermanent Earth
melting day into night,
sunsets into sunrises,
playing with our eyesight,
with our heartsight,
and now please tell me, My Dear,
why don’t we meet in the horizon of unity,
were we all become compassionate, courageous and wise?
Can you hear the sound made by the wings of a butterfly
during her first flight?
Yes beloved one,
Can you tell where and when
my heart had a metamorphosis of love and kindness?
It was when I met you.
Now let us praise the subtle beauty
to love without limits.
There’s a horizon beyond divisions, let us meet there.
Oh yes, beloved friend. Reclaim our responsibility to walk on the Planet.
and walk! walk! walk!

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