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The Mystery of Love

On Jul 5, 2011 Maria wrote:

Hmmmm, I am reflecting  on your words and it seems to me I used to think this way--that love chooses us, we don't choose Love--but I think that statement is limiting and puts love in a context outside of who we really are.  I think that love always IS within and without and all arouwe are born with it, it is part of our physical and spiritual being.  How we live our life according to the energy of love, opens us up to how much we recieve and build on what we already have.  It is limitless.  If we "lack love", it really isn't missing, we've just turned down the love light because of our experiences.....and because of our expereinces again, we rebuild the light and until it's flame burns brighter.  Staying conscious of living in the light, living in love allows us to be fulfilled in love in it's limitless form.

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