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Rest and Be Taken

On Jun 26, 2011 navin sata wrote:

Our true self spirit has no Boundries ,sky is infinite ;whats out there is also within us . by living in present moment  we can also rest whereever we are 2. we need to realise that this restlessmind       {a}Either dwells in past or [B] dreams about future in this mode mind is alway resless  going in many direction  3.Lovin caring sharing heart -mind enjoys built in fruits of peace ,joy ,harmony plus much more as we continue our spritual Journey  then we dont need words just one ness with whole creation  duality becomes oneness with one sprit  me and mine  are absorbs in sky , there was old song  goes like this I am hugging sky this moment and giving feast to sky.   hope we all can    exp.               spirtual  knowlge with quite mind and pure heart  in complete silence    from trees we can learn Tolerence , from broken leaf humility , etc,etc, good artical all the previou reflection are like a beautyful symphony with many instrument in Harmony  always love navin

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