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Rest and Be Taken

On Jun 26, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

Yes... This is thought provoking and opens up ‘mind thought’ on;

‘Motionless silence is the stillness of immortality’ = ‘Universal Oneness’

I lived through an illness not so long ago, and I didn’t accept death- I embraced death as a part of me, By doing this, my life, my world and my idea of intellect and humility changed, It changed from a perceived ways of someone else’s education, someone else’s expectations put onto a life...  None of those tags, attachments, or labels is a reality, or a duality.
My lesson:
The true ‘I’ is the ‘true self’ and that self is the ‘Journey’
I see this;
I can see the moon through the pollution, hazes and ozone layers very clearly
I can see the sun clearly through its blistering heat
But, at times - I don’t see where I am right ‘now’
So, it’s very accurate and fair to say ‘Rest and Be Taken’ 
As we are completely beyond all duality, and that’s where the ‘journey’ of ‘open self’ starts
In thought, love and further learning -Thank You..

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