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Balancing Vision and Routine

On Jun 18, 2011 Blackbird wrote:

Prepare to Detach

Preparation is key. This is true. Preparation opens doors when opportunity knocks. For me, detachment is key. It has been staring me in the face but I couldn’t let go and clung on tightly. I kept everything and everyone as close as possible with my hands outstretched and grasping. Time and time again I made myself vulnerable, needy and insecure. My biggest lesson has been to detach and to learn to really let go. It has taken many years. The road has been strewn with stones, rocks and boulders. I stumbled, crawled and climbed over each one.

When I found mindfulness, sobriety, awareness, learnt the art of letting go, relaxing and not taking things personally the stones, rocks and boulders began to disappear. I have now become confident and secure in myself. I am now at ease with others and myself. Now, the landscape has changed and has become more pleasant to walk through. I am more prepared and better equipped to keep walking this road. I now pay attention and enjoy the journey. I know the destination will come.

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