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Balancing Vision and Routine

On Jun 10, 2011 PK wrote:

 This passage resonates with me at multiple levels. The idea of vision to be balanced by execution is a critical message for entrepreneur in me. The idea of Rajasik energy driving us towards one side of the pendulum and Tamasik to the other while the satvik wisdom being in the middle is the image that I think of because it connects the Buddhist thought with Hindu thought. Above all, I am exploring where my vision has taken me and where my routine has not caught up -- because that has been the zone of disappointment in my life. Wherever vision has not caught up with routine is the zone of frustration or boredom.

When i work professionally, I find that helping executives to think of both sides -- vision and execution is not easy. Some people don't connect and value one part of the equation or the other. If they don't have somebody else who is complimentary and is willing to stand up for their point of view, the organization suffers.

It is amazing that wisdom of the ancients has so many implications in 21st century but not many people make the connection!

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