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Balancing Vision and Routine

On Jun 10, 2011 Conrad wrote:

My first impression about balancing vision and routine is to  notice what is going on in  and around you. Meditation helps me do this.  Then notice everything one does can be a meditation if one is mindful.  Desiring to balance may be excessive and, as with all desire, can lead to suffering and lack of peace. My second impression about balancing vision and routine is; if I knew I would say it.  I'm also reminded of Lao Tzu's idea that the way that can be said is not the way. 

I haven't yet experienced it but I'm inclined to notice that experiencing the dull and the drab while peacefully and joyfully accepting it, is what enlightenment and nirvana are.  Samsara and nirvana are one. Paradoxically, balancing everything seems to be a way to that peaceful and joyful acceptance. Please give yourself permission to make mistakes regarding this balancing and as Sheldon Kopp said: "Learn to forgive yourself again, and again, and again.  You have my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to respond to this wonderful statement.

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