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Wisdom Of Grieving

On Feb 25, 2018 david doane wrote:

 People arrive at maturity in all kinds of ways.  When dealing with a loss, passing through all 5 stages of grieving is a way to arrive at maturity, but it's not a have to.  Not everyone responds to loss by going through the stages.  Our response to grief depends on where we're at in life and in maturity.  Many people live in acceptance and respond with acceptance.  They're already mature in that way.  A significant loss for me that I'm thinking about resulted in deep sadness, internal anguish, grief, a lot of confusion, some bargaining, and acceptance, pretty much in that order; I don't think I was angry or depressed.  Knowing that change -- birth and death, beginning and ending, gains and losses -- is always happening, and growing in acceptance of that, helps me stay in motion and find some equanimity.

On Feb 26, 2018 Dr Mahesh Mangaldas wrote:

 All five stages are necessary 


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