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Wisdom Of Grieving

On Feb 23, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I have experienced losses of dear friends, father and mother, and three brothers and three sisters and the latest loss of my dear wife. I have learned about death and dying by going through such losses. I have seen my clients going through the five stages of grieving as described by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Personally I have experienced loneliness, emptiness and a deep sense of sadness by the losses in my life. It did not take a very long time for me to accept the passing away of the people so close to me.

Grieving has been an important process for me to accept the unavoidable reality of passing away. Realizing  the truth that  whoever is born is going to die has eased my pain. Genuine support from my sons and daughter was a great factor in my healing process. I still feel the loss of my wife and also feel the presence of her love. My daily practice of mindfulness meditation has been the anchor in my life. Reflecting on the unavoidable reality of dying has made me aware of the precious gift of life. How to live is in my hand. Dying has taught me the most valuable lesson of living.

May we live our life fully, gracefully  and gratefully!

Jagdish P Dave

On Feb 27, 2018 Sahara wrote:

 Thank~you for sharing the possibility and gifts of acceptance.
What you wrote is inspiring and calls on my own courage to gracefully 
embrace life and to feel the love of those 
who aren’t with me. 🦋


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