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On May 30, 2011 Kate wrote:

Thank you Viral!

I have had a quote from this passage on the fridge for years - familiar as it may be, when I read it, it doesn't fail to hit me like a jokester/fool/coyote!  :)  Reminding me of something my head does not want to believe or go along with.  Even so, some thread of truth seems to make it into my system and resonate - even if it's just an "I know, I know!" - and I often feel my shoulders drop and a big or faint amount of relief.  

I was excited to read it today - because I was wondering over the weekend, can curiosity be a substitute for intention?  

I was reading a passage in "Callings" by G. Levoy (p. 150 on "The Burning Questions") about curiosity and Big Questions - and realized that sometimes it is easier for me to be curious about something, than it is to set a clear (and committed!) intention.  Asking if I can be curious about something, somehow feels different.  Can I be curious about the unknown (and, about the uncomfortable known)?  Is that enough?  I am more in a habit of asking if I can set an intention to get through something, to be open, compassionate.  Is that too controlling, or does that get me engaged, not avoiding things, if I bring intention/commitment into the picture?  Curiosity feels like a sister of intention...lighter, though.

I wonder where the line can be drawn, between the two - intention and curiosity?  I see the merits of both.  Maybe they're not too far distant, relatives??  Sister skills?

I am curious (no pun intended!) what others would think about this?

Love and thanks, Kate


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