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Full Effort is Full Victory

On May 9, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

I was led to thought by some readings;

That when we have been asked - What value or worth one holds?
We tend to reply and say ‘not much’ or ‘nothing’, as we tend to think in munity or possessions of worth;
Yet we forget out heart and mind is the highest form of self ‘worth’
For, if we conditionally ‘expect’ something from a little ‘giving’ - then we have never really given at all
For, if we presume a ‘self good’ will come out of a ‘noble deed’ - then we have not really given at all
If we assume our spirituality will bloom by giving - then we have not really lived..  as we have to also learn to recieve with humble hands...
Our greatest possession is ‘self’ and selflessly that’s what we should give, when we can,
without any thought or expectations in return, because any expectation ‘wanted’ places the ego in control, So who is really thinking then?
So ‘Bravo’ to those who try and give, without thought, whenever they can, or when the opportunity arises, without wanting anything in return.. That’s when you know you’re not walking alone – you have your amazing self ‘with you’ for company... And I would think, that is also a great effort in aim for Victory..

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