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Full Effort is Full Victory

On May 7, 2011 Anonymous wrote:

 What I was touched by is the sincere effort that Gandhiji made throughout his life to be a servant leader -- to be self less in service. When I look back and think about where I have been sincere and persistent, self less interest does not come to the top. It is more about getting approval, looking good and gaining self esteem. I worked on them for a very long time -- over 30 years and then something shifted in me. I realized that only way I can gain those things is to give to others what I really want. Finding ways to make others feel good around me, helping people to find their self confidence and self worth and getting people to discover their own genius struck me as ways to be in the world. Then the next struggle has been how to live in that shifted consciousness and not go back to my own needs. In this journey, I am realizing that fully being other centered might never happen, but if I can remember to touch people, move them to discover who they are and inspire them to go after their dreams and believe that they are bigger than who they think they are -- even once a week -- consistently -- then I would consider my life sincere and purposeful.

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