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Full Effort is Full Victory

On May 7, 2011 Dhara wrote:

"In your own life, what are the most sincere and persistent efforts?"

Since my early teenage years, have been searching for answers to who is god and who am I and what is my life's purpose? I would say this is the area which I am the most dedicated to and put persistent efforts.  I have failed many times and feel discouraged however, b/c the drive is so strong internally, I learn to get up again and continue to seek.  I have come far from when I first started this journey.
One lesson that I learned across the way is that we must love our own self first before we can love anyone else.  I wish to love all but I must first start by loving me.

I also learned that whenever I am doing something that is coming from wihtin, it does not feel like work, it feels like "vacation".  Instead of draining me, it energizes me. 
And it really helps to be on this path and journey b/c of great friends and teachers.  :-)

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