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Full Effort is Full Victory

On May 7, 2011 Conrad wrote:

Eknath’s article was inspiring. It reminded me of  Buddha and Christ.
My young grandchildren are most on my mind. They are happy and peaceful as I want them to be. I often think how great it will be when I am with them.
My most persistent and sincere efforts seemed to be to understand everything and everyone. I am still mostly intellectual about most matters, yet deep down I know there is much more to healthy, peaceful living than intellectually understanding everything and everyone. I have come to understand that I do not understand, as I have come to accept uncertainty. Part of my problem remains that I want to be certain of my uncertainty.
I'm very impressed with William Penn's notion that "we will pass this way but once, and any good, therefore, that we may do, or any kindness that we may show, to any human being, let us do it now. Let us not defer nor neglected for we shall not pass this way again." I say that to myself every couple of days but I do not often practice it , nor do I practice the St. Francis of Assisi prayer which I also love.
It seemed that Gandhi practiced what St. Francis said: "Preach the gospel always – – use words if necessary." The gospel, as I understand it, preaches for us to be compassionate and kind to others and oneself.  I have 50 or 60 more paragraphs to say about this but I don't like to read long responses. These 50 or 60 more pages are part of my delusion of grandeur which Gandhi did not have. I say I would like to be no one, going nowhere, but I seem to enjoy the attention others give me when I say that. Thanks Viral and Nipun again for giving me the opportunity to say what I think and feel. You all have my gratitude. Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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