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Full Effort is Full Victory

On May 7, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:


Thank You.  I am – we are truly blessed to read this passage, to remind us ‘we can’
My Sincerity is to life, for allowing this ‘self’ to be in this world.
My Persistence is to continue on and breathe for as long as I possibly can, and continue to learn such grace and intelligence each and every day, even if I get it wrong – I want to keep trying and trying to learn, and give!!!!! 
I want my wrongs to teach me the rights, and my rights to show me the wrongs,
So, I will persist each day to be the ‘i’ in life..
My Efforts – holds no effort, as this non-effort is my genuine desire, my hearts-felt desire to ‘Be’ and appreciative each moment that I get
Thank you. I am truly humbled and grateful
Thank you.

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