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Giving Within For-Give-Ness

On Apr 26, 2011 Kate wrote:

Ouu, this is such a rich story!  There is a piece to "turn the other cheek" that I wish I could remember better, something about that act that forces the person hitting to treat the person being hit as an equal.  The left hand wouldn't have been used at the time, so the open right hand would have had to be used, if Jesus turned his cheek.  Something in this speaks to the importance of intentional non-violent resistance, and not allowing/accommodating injustice (as possible in one's personal power) - PRIOR to the act of forgiveness.  I'm still sorting the pieces of this version out, in my own life...I think it's important to think about what happens before we forgive, how we sort out what is right and wrong (according to our own truths) first, before we can start the path to giving for giveness, otherwise we miss a crucial step of learning.  Loving-kindness I think one can give 100% of the time, no problem.  Forgiveness, though, I can't put my finger on exactly what it is... I think merits additional consideration.  Good stuff!  Thank you for passing along!

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