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Before You Know What Kindness Really Is

On Apr 25, 2011 Barbara Tieken wrote:

 My path has crossed with Naomi Shihab Nye's several times back in New Braunfels, Texas, when this great poet was still Naomi Shihab. I was privileged to have read poems with Naomi and several other poets at the Shiner Catholic Picnic/ Poetry Reading at Gaslight Theatre.  "Words Under the Words" remains one of my favorite book of poetry.  Naomi is as true and genuine a person as her words.  Her poem on kindness is timeless, especially today with the immigration issues we are facing.  Simple kindness is indeed often expressed more freely by those who have the least. I see that at our Kuykendall Scholarship Bake Sales where we raise money for bright African-American seniors to receive scholarships to "jump start" their higher education.  Some folks who can least afford it are always the ones who come to the bake sale and buy the most.  Our committee's guiding principle is  that we send students to college by selling everything from cakes to collard greens.  And so far, it's been working for eleven years!

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