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Giving Within For-Give-Ness

On Apr 25, 2011 Ricky wrote:

Trusting the deepest inner truth is key to this concept of forgiveness.  While religion can be the path to God, it actually is the external mind manifestations of what is internal heart vibrational connection to all that is.  That said, forgiveness is an extention of dropping the ego and embracing the experience we refer to as life.  We all may be doing our best each day, and moving closer to the realization that in 'each experience the infinite is having a finite experience' (quote from one of my teachers).   Ego sets boundaries, creates judgments, perpetuates dualism-good vs evil, right vs wrong...Forgiveness is a tangible act of remembering we are much more than the vessel we inhabit during this lifetime and that kindness and acts of generosity are healing in light of the distraction of ego centered action.  When I was young and impressionable, involved in the activities of the church, I was constantly alarmed by the lack of Love shown between members of the church.  A common concept I heard within the gossip was hypocrisy.  Members were saying one thing within the church walls, and their actions in the community were broadcasting something quite different.  Forgiveness seemed like an act of pulling teeth.  As I have come to the present time of my journey, I realize we have tendencies to be 'confused by the idea we are a person' (quote from another of my teachers), someone who can be hurt and wounded by the actions of another.  The times I am most at peace is when in the midst of a conflict, my heart watches and marvels at the ego's struggle for righteousness and survival, realizing at that moment there is just experience, and no need for forgiveness...just Love.   

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