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Before You Know What Kindness Really Is

On Apr 16, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

Dear Friends,

For me kindness means

- a way to share what you have with less fortunate ones - for example I am better placed financially so I make my childrens cloths available to the children of barber, cobbler. The clothes are perfect, but my children have had new clothes to wear

- a way to share your time with the person who has come to you for getting a solution for his life. Hearing him intently and helping him through whatever you can, is kindness

- a way to decrease the load of life. By s miling at the other person we can do this. I do it when i go for my morning walk. I believe in a theory that by my smiling at the person, I can surely improve his day. There is no compulsion on me to do this. But i still do without much ego and funfare as a duty,as a good citizen. This is kindness.

With love and regards

Ravi Sheshadri

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