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What Breaks Your Heart?

On Feb 3, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I deeply believe in the original goodness in all of us. I also deeply believe that together we can move humanity forward for greater good. And when I see people going beyond themselves to help and serve people who need help and support, my heart gets filled with, joy, hope and aspirations. But when I see people suffering from social and economic injustice, I feel pain and anger and my heart gets broken. When I see two -mouthed  and two-faced behaviors of our leaders who are supposed to serve the people and not to self -serve and their parties, I not only feel anger and pain but I feel despondent. I know I need to remind myself of the original goodness residing in human heart.. When I see some compassionate and courageous leaders taking a position for common good, my pain goes away and  my anger fuels my passion to join hands with such good and bold people. And I pursue my purposeful journey of helping and serving people. And I hear the song  "We shall overcome" in my heart.

I would like to conclude with the inspiring words of Maria Shiver, " I envision all of us with broken hearts coming together to heal and get to work, mending the crack in the divide."

May we keep the spirit of working together by joining  our hands for the dawn to arrive in the sky of humanity!

Jagdish P Dave

On Feb 9, 2018 me wrote:



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