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Attunement: an Agendaless Presence

On Apr 2, 2011 arnold wrote:

being present, and paying attention (in this case to what another person is saying/trying to say/ to you) is more difficult than it first appears.


FWIW I am currently theorizing that those brought up in an urban/sub-urban environment where human contact is a default circumstance rather than an intentional experience, might be somewhat hampered in the "active listening" skillset. In an environment/culture where there is less rush to be always doing something or GOING to do something, it is difficult to be fully present.  I had that direct experience with an exercise adapted from Tich Nat Hanh, about "being present" as a principle of the Buddhist practice.  I am convinced that

a) there is wisdom in that teaching

b) mastering the skill of "being present" requires practice itself, and commitment

c) there is benefit to be had from accumulating and applying the skill of Being Present.



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