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Becoming Master Artists

On Jan 31, 2018 Bernice wrote:

In my opinion, we have to accept ourselves as we are. Yeah, we are not perfect, but if you don't like something in you - change it) You can always change this) Yes, it is hard and it can take a lot of energy, but if you really want to do this - go ahead, this is your dream) If God give you this you should live with this. I am a writer at write my and a teacher and sometimes I hate myself and my life, because it can be pretty hard sometimes. But then I realize, that I am happy, because I am who i am - I have a great job, loved family, good friends, hobby, cool pupils and I can't imagine my life without them and all of these. Of course, life is hard, but we live in this world and our perception determine our happiness - if you see only bad things, your life will be sad and black but if you are positive, nothing bad won't broke your soul.

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