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Practically Preposterous

On Mar 16, 2011 Shariq wrote:

Thank you Pavi for sharing your provocative thoughts on Gandhiji's preposterous ways; this is truly ingenious. Gandhiji was a man well ahead of his time and we are just beginning to catch-up with his way of thinking, particularly if we were to imagine our experience of being in Sean Carroll's universe rather than Lewis Carroll's universe. As it turns out, according to Sean Carroll, the Professor of Theoretical Physics at Cal Tech, we all may be living in a preposterous universe - please note the name he has chosen for his website:! His deeper thoughts on the Preposterous Universe can be found here:, and for a light hearted version here he is on the Cobert Report: What took the rest of us so long to realize the truth of the pervasiveness of the preposterousness?

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