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Spiritual Activism

On Jan 27, 2018 david doane wrote:

 Michael Singer sure likes talking in extremes.  In relation to his essay, spiritual activism means staying centered, knowing that I can control (at least to some degree) no one but myself.  As AA says, you can drive only one car.  Our President offers me plenty of opportunities to let go of the personal part of me that reacts to the personal part of him.  I have gotten angry at him, called him names, gotten myself all agitated, and then am upset at myself for indulging in all that.  What helps me stay connected to myself and not fall into destructive reactive patterns is to remind myself that anger is not a necessary emotion, remind myself that I am independent of how the other is, remind myself that how he is I've been or can be, remind myself that there's something about that guy I just can't stand in me, and remind myself that my responsibility is to be the way I believe and not get hung up on how he is.  When I do all that, I sleep well.

On Feb 4, 2018 Sondra White wrote:

 Sending out to the universe positive vibrations in thoughts and actions to our selves, others, the world, and our Creator/Source👍🙏❤️🌠. 


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