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Does Life Have A Purpose?

On Jan 24, 2018 Mark wrote:


POEM # 4
Man exults transcendence
Transcendence of body mind and Spirit
What are we …
Humans Be-ings great and small
Life is made of all Elements – Earth and Star
Great Elements or simple MUD …
We are one and all
Great energy fuels the quest to understand
For all to see or none to know –
Feel the flow, Let go –
Water, Fire, Earth and Air
Fluid, Heat, Bone and Energy
Can we deal ?
Will we care ?
For once an answer if found
Mystery Secrecy and the possibility of No-Thing confounds.
For each breath in, infinite possibility exist
For each breath out, history can be erased
AIR the vibration of life
Maybe the space between the breath is
is simply the Spirit's time to rest.
The space between the breath …. “our mind”
We are not separate Water Fire Air Earth , but The last element created ? ….. Our MIND
Human mind, Earth Mind, Universe Mind, Kosmic Mind
It's not transcendence, it's being aware of where we are …
Inhabit life, be Human, let the Elements be alive !
To be Human is a great mystery
Appreciation wisdom and compassion
Deep peace OR aggression ?
What's our true nature ?  Mr. Mud 
Ideas of what was or will become
From Elements here and from the Stars
May be Nothing or Everything of all.
Experience the life of the elements
to know we are connected, We belong on the earth
Trust ... Mrs. Mud.
Bondage and Liberation - Sorrow and Compassion
Feel the breath …. relax
See it for what it is
hard soft - cool warm
vibration - cohesiveness - fluidity
these are the laws of nature
can we see, the play of earth wind fire water
this is life
this is human
this is the stream of breath
pay attention
The illusion of the elements
ideas of “our self's” find the Dow ….... in the self
Human is love - Love is the world -
Wisdom is knowing what we are
Resting in the play of the elements
All time is now …..... relax and have fun!
Human Fire of the heart . A measure of cosmic pain ?
Study the fires as a route to freedom or fame ?
Everything is burning - Greed, hate, ignorance and delusion
Dance of the elements – here we are
this is life
this is human
this is the stream of breath
pay attention

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