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Is Meditation Boring?

On Mar 1, 2011 Haricharan Das wrote:

Dear Friends        With respect, this essay  has a few very tricky ideas, the concept of nothingness in particular.   This essay reflects clever intellectual gymnastics more than mature internal experience.     With respect,  when investigating a subject as subtle as meditation,  one should reference a yogi deeply steeped in the practice.  The yogi knows the science of meditation and speaks very carfully, all the rest is merely pleasant coffee house philosophy.    Works written  by  Swami Sivananda, Swami Yogananda (SRF) , Swami Rama, Ajahn Chah,  Ajahn Sumedho (the short list)  are of great value.

To make it easier I'll list some current meditation texts of value:

Yoga Psychology: A Practical Guide to Meditation    By   Swami Ajaya, Ph.D

The Theory and Practice of Meditation     Edited By   Rudolph M Ballentine  M.D.

Happiness   By Matthieu Ricard

Why Meditate?     By Matthieu Ricard

Seeking The Heart of Wisdom: The path of insight meditation By J Kornfield & J. Goldstein

A good start with correct knowlege will give you success

All the best, Haricharan Das

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