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    On Feb 26, 2011 Ramkumar wrote:

    Yes. The unconscious thought theory is quite an interesting tool for everyone to make use of. But, this whole thing of unconscious decision making is all because of the limited time that we have in decision making. In such cases, relying on instincts/intuition can be equal to conscious decision making if not better. There is a psychwiki article on Unconscious thought theory which explains this.

    @Bhaavin.. Well Said. I always find myself dissatisfied with the decision that I had to come to at some point just because of time. It is just only pseudo-logical. Also, I always bother myself with other premises that might be true and contradicting to the premises which I had been currently using to come to a decision. But on the eyes of the people, I come across as indecisive. It is just a matter of convincing ourself based on the available facts and disregarding any other views. In other words, half way through the decision making ,we would have decided things and thus disregard the remaining premises based on our prejudice. And hence,ultimately,I understand that pursuit of absolute truth requires patience. 

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