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Believers in Small Graces

On Feb 8, 2011 Andrew wrote:

This is a beautiful and inspiring piece of writing. Very much appreciated reminder. The only thing that bothers me is that in its message, from my reading, there is a slight undertone of comparison that somehow lessens the work of the saints, the mystics, etc. While I wholeheartedly agree with the message given here, I am a bit disappointed in its attempt to give out its message it has to compare one way with another way. The saints and the mystics also hold a high standard for us, for sure, but it does not in my mind lessen in anyway the spiritual connections that we also have when planting a garden, or seeing a mother and child, or watching a sunset. And, for me, it goes the other way, these latter experiences are for me inspirations that make me want to continue to increase, in my life, my connection with the spiritual, as did those men and women who we have come to think of and call as saints and mystics. They and their work should not really and truly be compared with organized religion, but rather the greater community of those who appreciate creation, God, Spirit, whatever we may call or refer to that power or presence. They are for me just as much an inspiration as the sunset, and all of the other experiences that point me back to the inner presence of God, Spirit, and so forth. They tell me that it is possible to attain constant union with the Divine.

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