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On Feb 2, 2011 ganoba wrote:

 Rishis (seers) through the regular practice of meditation, which allows us to see the whole (the core, the shell and everything in between) knew  that the part we become aware of is not the whole truth. What our senses can perceive is only the outer shell. To consider this to be the whole truth or even as the significant part of the truth is a serious error in any study.

Modern science on the other hand limited its study only to this part. As a result we came to know a lot about the material world. Later the study had to be extended to the realm of energy and then it was found that these two, matter and energy are closely related and inter-changeable. inevitably the study had to lead to space. It is now being found that empty space produces matter and energy which after a brief flash of existence merge back into it.

The material progress that this has led to has blinded many of us to the self imposed method in scientific enquiry of treating human senses as the final arbiters of truth. We still seek scientific validity for age old truths. Yoga, meditation, accupuncture, Reiki and many such systems are still being subjected to this humiliating treatment.

Wake up Sid.

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