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    On Jan 12, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Love is the savior and love is the saved. In love, there is oneness. There is no separation. between doing and being, between subject and object.There are three dimensions of relationship: self -to -self, self-to -other and the one that transcends self and others. It is a transcendental relationship going beyond all man-made boundaries. Love is an experience of oneness. Love experience is a spiritual, a sacred experience. Such experience brings the lightning of self-knowledge. And as Michael Damian says," In a flash you will behold a new heaven and earth, and know yourself as you have always been."

    In love there is no defeat and no victory. When we have deep feeling of oneness, there is no otherness. The self is the other and the other is the self. I feel such oneness when I am deeply connected with what I read, what I write, or when I listen to music or when I meditate. I feel such joyful oneness when I watch the stars, listen to the rain drops falling , or the birds chirping. I feel such oneness when a child or a stranger smiles at me or in loving and helping relationships.

    There are different dimensions of love. In my young age, I was looking for love coming from a young beautiful girl, I went on a journey of pleasures and pains. When the relationship broke, I felt deeply hurt. My heart was wounded. What helped me was allowing my feelings of pain and suffering come with deep compassion for me and deep compassion for the other person. It took time for me to heal myself. I needed to feel in order to heal. Such compassionate healing was mutually beneficial. This profound experience taught me the power of love. It helped me to go  to a higher dimension of love.

    May we learn how to cultivate compassion and love to live our life harmoniously and joyfully!

    Namaste! Jagdish P Dave

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