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Individual and Social Ethics

On Jan 6, 2011 Catherine Todd wrote:

Bertrand Russell wrote: "Once in Los Angeles I was taken to see the Mexican colony - idle vagabonds, I was told, but to me they seemed to be enjoying more of what makes life a boon and not a curse than fell to the lot of my anxious hard-working hosts. When I tried to explain this feeling, however, I was met with a blank and total lack of comprehension."

I have worked with Latinos for almost 20 years, and this happens to me all the time. That's why I finally moved to Guatemala where I am learning to live a life in patience, and in prayer. I am there part time but look forward to when it's more full-time. For now, I am a "monk in a monastery" while I'm there and it's making all the difference in the world.

In America, I learned how to make money. In France, I learned how to live. In Central America, I am learning how to pray.

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