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Embracing the Mystery of Uncertainty

On Jan 5, 2011 ganoba wrote:

 when we are all one, how come we meet strangers?

Is knowing based on knowing the past achievements? if so, then we are all strangers.

Is oneness a reality or just an intellectual concept, to be discussed and debated?

Karma(good or bad) is not like a fixed deposit, which just sits there and gets used up. it is like an active current account from which we withdraw and into which we also deposit.It is not like a marsh but more like a trampoline.

Giving pre-supposes ownership. The idea of ownership creates a lot of difficulties in giving. The problem of 'satpatri daan" is the receiver worthy/deserving of the gift? what is the right time and amount? Is the gift being used properly? and so on.

when I am only a trusty is sharing not the right thing to do?

Finally words are at best pointers to the experience. They are not the experience.

Thanks for the indulgence and lots of love..

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