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Individual and Social Ethics

On Jan 5, 2011 Pancho wrote:

Many thanks for your kind message brother Sanjeev. As you will see soon, I'm only a fierce mirror reflecting the light of the universe. What you are seeing/reading is no other thing but you ;-) This is my job: to live in radical joyous shared servanthood, and the way that I do it, is through finding the incredible inspiration inside each one of us. When the time comes, I'd be delighted to attend to the Wednesdays hosted by you so that we can connect further at the SOULlular level. Certainly, I promise to be an attentive guest _listener_ ;-) 

As a matter of fact, I got so inspired by hermano Hari's profound messages that poetry flowed through me, two poems out of two messages! I see it as another evidence of being a fierce mirror: depending of the paradigm, a mirror tries to mimic, reflect, copy or collaborate with the image in front of it. So, this is the collaborative poem co-created by this space (astronomical thank yous hermano Hari!):

In an Instant Time is Eternity
True Love, Willing Bird,
how to know if I will recognize you?
A horrible answer, never.
Excruciating torture, tomorrow.
The worst of all, yesterday.
What the soul yearns, Now.
May your song fly in-between heartbeats and breath!

And then, I see the whole Universe in your eyes, Beloved Angel,
in an instant,
in all that present greatness,
have no choice but to see your sorrow, your beauty, as you see mine
in an instant.

Reality is based on our experience
but have we experienced everything?
our experience is incomplete.
Words fall weightless
and awe is all there is
and wonder.
And so we feel the beginningless silence
without heartbeats
of our still hearts
break open

and then I feel the whole Universe in your touch,
in an instant,
in all that tenderness,
beyond the mind
the hands were cold
but our rubbing spirits on fire
supported by
the smell of stars and reality
in your hair

my favorite star in the whole Cosmos
the star of your love,
the Universal Love,
because it illuminates my life
stronger than billion suns
it is always within
the sacred heart
evolving the present
level of perception

and when the light of galaxies
will be extinguished
thousands of millions of years from now,
I will keep loving you, Beloved Angel.

An infinite chain of Nows,
present moments
leave us
profoundly different
and exactly the same.
And so we love you, Beloved One,
in an instant,
time is eternity…


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