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On Jan 3, 2011 Haricharan Das wrote:

Dear Friends  I just found your forum.  I must first say Thank You to All for your very kind

reception on Wed. Dec. 22, 2010  and ask your kind permission to say a few additional

words in your forum.                                                                                                                     

I very much enjoy your spirited dialog.                                                            

There are many points to be clarfied, but I'll just address a few for the moment

A persons Reality is based on their experience,  But have you experienced everything?


So we must say honestly, My experience is incomplete.

Incomplete knowlege or experience can not give a complete picture.

The student of the supreme truth must honor their experience,  But always hold the word

possibly  or better yet,  Perhaps in their mind.

This openess can lead to unimagined  possibilies.

This prudent openess honors the fact , that our understanding is constantly evolving.

There is truly very little black and white in life.  Much depends on your present level of

perception.  Each of us, does the best we can, with what we have. Considering this type

of openess,  it may be wise to soften  our hard / harsh judgements about life's various issues.

My Guruji  Sant Keshavadas would always say    " every saint has a past and every sinner has

a future".

We must be mindful of our limitations, the senses -  the ego -  the mind itself.

As vastly powerful as the mind is,   Yet  the Reality / God  exist beyond the mind.


Another topic,  to my surprise,that is reoccurring is  Mysticism.

Mysticism is the natural events,  and  experiments taken, as one thoughtfully approches God.

This process is intrinsically bound to the sacred heart / the inner heart.

The more selfless the pursuit, the greater the mysticism.


Dear Friends, I hope my few simple words aids in bringing deeper insight to these very subtle

topics. With good fortune I pray to engage your many questions personally in the future.


With Great Respect,

Haricharan Das


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