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On Dec 23, 2010 Sanjeev Verma wrote:



Thanks for capturing the important points from yesterday's talk. I also really enjoyed respected Haricharan Das ji's talk and  was impressed by him.

However, I guess that we need to talk a bit more about "mysticism". For instance, it was difficult for me to believe the story regarding the column of light that he saw in his Guru during his birthday celebration. I would like to be proven wrong. I had heard these kind of stories about other Gurus also but I have never had this sort of personal experience. Sometimes, my feeling is that some followers of Gurus treat their Gurus as God and start seeing super natural powers in them. For instance, I recently met San Rajinder Singhji Maharaj ( and I heard similar stories about him from his followers. I am also following his Path but I do not see God in him like his other followers.


I do believe in the existence of spiritual people, who bring to us the science of spirituality but I only see in them a spiritually advanced person-not God. These people are much closer to God than many of us are.  


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