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Building a Creative Temple

On Dec 9, 2010 Catherine Todd wrote:

Sanjeev, I would be very interested in reading whatever you can send me. Write CatherineTodd2@gmail dot com or ctodd1000@gmail dot com.

But what do you mean "Mind is in fact a sub-atomic particle?" My mind is a whole bunch of particles; in fact, I feel like the Swan / Orion Nebula, full of gasses and neutrons and a regular star-factory!

Omega/Swan Nebula (M17).

HubbleSite - Picture Album: A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases in ...

As I mentioned earlier, where is "that book you have been writing" even if only in your mind? I think it's ready to "pop out" if you know what I mean! No one has ever described things in the way you have, including the "prophet Newton." I am ready for more!

Dinesh, thanks for the link for the audio speech. I did a bit of searching to find out more about this sermon, and learned a lot. It will be good to hear it "in person."


But I STILL don't know what a "creative temple" is, vs. a "physical temple" or whatever. What does the word "creative" signify here? A spiritual temple, an emotional temple, a mental temple, what is a CREATIVE TEMPLE?

An art gallery?



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