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Universality Is Not An Idea, It Is Reality

On Jan 2, 2018 Craig wrote:

I feel that this passage illuminates a subtle distinction between two different ways of knowing: on the one hand, we may know intellectually and speak about the concept of "universal oneness," and on the other hand, we can experience the reality of Universal Oneness as a state of being. In the second, we experience and live the truth; in the first, we are living in an illusion while thinking—and maybe talking about—the idea of "universal oneness." Sathguru Vasudev points out how different the two states are: that we may think and talk about oneness, while not living the reality of Oneness. And that's damaging. Metaphorically, it's like two kids trapped in the attic, playing a video game together. In the world of their video game, they escape the attic and explore the rest of the house. But if someone in their family tries to tell them that they are stuck in the attic, they insist that they have already escaped, and are roaming through the house freely. They are looking at the house only in their imagination—the video game. But meanwhile, they are rotting away, starving in the attic. The reality of the house *as it really is* is less likely to be experienced by them, because they feel they have already escaped. And everything they tell people about is not from a place of actually knowing the house, but only imagining the house. So not only will they likely hinder their own awareness of Union, but they may give others a false understanding and hinder other's awareness as well. I know myself how inflated my ego becomes when I think I understand something of a spiritual nature, and talk about it as if I know. But it only causes problems for myself and others. I become a pretender, a mountebank, charlatan, and ultimately, a hypocrite. But as Sadhguru Vasudev concludes, any idea or thought kills the experience of Reality, which is beyond ideas or thoughts. I think he is urging us to slay and bury ALL of our thoughts—particularly our "spiritual" ideas (spiritual illusions)—if we long for a true understanding through yoga. This passage is profound and so helpful four our times—particularly in the United States. Thank you for sharing it with us.

On Jan 2, 2018 advocate wrote:

 I hear you and understand.


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