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A Realm Beyond Measurement

On Nov 4, 2010 Nipun wrote:

We took a break from our usual Wednesday format to have an incredible guest speaker this week -- Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi!

At the age of 23, in a rather poetic way, he became a monastic in 1967.  "I never had to struggle with the decision to become a monk. One morning I simply woke up and thought, 'Why don’t I ask Ven. Giac Duc if he could ordain me,' and that was that."  For more than 25 years, he's had a chronic headache that often makes even reading, writing, and speaking are difficult -- and with that experience, he speaks about "Pain Not Suffering".  As a revered Buddhist teacher and scholar, he is an international authority on the words of Buddha; even when leaders like Dalai Lama need clarification, they turn to Bhikkhu Bodhi.  Most recently, Bhikkhu Bodhi has taken a unusual monastic stance on service and started Buddhist Global Relief.

If attendees of the talk would like to share a reflections or notes for the benefit of everyone, please do so below.  They will be emailed out to all event participants of last Wednesday.

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