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Along the Thread of our Inner Sincerity

On Oct 2, 2010 gayathri wrote:

two thoughts that came in relation to sincerity - one is a sanskrit verse and the other is a story of a bhakti movement saint, Kanakadas.  the famous sanskrit verse - "kaayena vaacha manasa indriyairva buddhyaatmana prakruthi svabhaavaath karomi yad yad sakalam parasmai naarayanyethi samarpayaami".....translated - with the body, speech, mind, senses, intellect, by nature or habit, all actions that i perform, i offer it to lord Narayana.  this might not be the exact exact translation but quite close to it....however this signifies to me the most challenging standard for "sincerity/authenticity". 

the story - kanakadas was once given a banana and asked to eat the banana where no one could see him eating the banana.  he came back without eating the banana where as everyone else that was given a banana to eat without anybody seeing them had finished theirs.  kanakadas said that he could find no place to eat where he could he could not be seen by the omnipresent GOD.  this "Practising the Presence of God" is another aspect of sincerity that i found to be interesting and profound...

Thank you for making this space available virtually tooo....


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