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    On Sep 27, 2010 Varsha wrote:

    Dear all,


    I appreciate all your presence.  Namaste one and all, and all in one.  :)


    There’s a saying about quotes: “I hate quotes.  Tell me something you know.”  But, I’m going to mention some quotes anyway.


    Two come to mind (when at Wednesdays, both literally and figuratively, among other times):  “Charity begins at home” and “Home is where the heart is” and therefore, “Charity begins where the heart is.”  And, that sharing is caring.  Simple concepts, but essential to embodying being the change in the world we live.


    Pancho’s passage seemed autobiographical, as his connections and network of community is vast and spread out, but, at the same time, tight.  His ability to relate and identify with all is admirable (regardless of labels and identifications, as we’re all living beings/earthlings). 


    I agree that the How-- process/effort/practice/means/methods/ways is more important than the What-- product/ends (each moment, how we choose to live it—with intention and purpose).  I think of children and their innocence, lack of walls/boundaries in saying, “Hi!” and smiling at “strangers,” those we don’t “know,” and sharing/lack of ownership in that there is no such thing as My or Mine.


    I relate energy and emotions together—a different chemistry to feelings in our body.  The analogy of a neuron and emotions (building walls/bottling them in vs. emotional release/discharge, feeling them, expressing them, and letting them go).  It’s easier said when experienced—that our thoughts, words, deeds/acts, and being/energy are all manifestations of the same one energy (I know that this may sound a bit metaphysical, abstract, or Zen-like).  I admire what Pancho chooses to express: pleasant, fun, gentle, kind, compassionate, wise. I feel that if we put our 100% into anything/whole being (body, mind, emotions, energy), that is true growth/progress/effort/success.  

    I know Pancho has used this quote about being a “fierce mirror reflecting” and it describes some of the highest ideals.  I am moved by his insights, truth, and walking the talk of "being the change we wish to see in the world."

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