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A Neuron with Imagination

On Sep 24, 2010 Nipun wrote:

This week, we experimented with a new idea -- propose a "be the change"/"pay it forward" action related to the weekly iJourney reading.  While people have brainstormed such an idea before, this particular one came via Amit Dungarani after a CharityFocus retreat on Sep 19, 2010.  And the time was ripe for implementation.

Francisco Ramos Stierle (aka Pancho!) initiated this idea, by offering this idea for the week:

"What if this week, we generate some of this loving-kindness and share it with our neighbors? Sit in meditation -- as we do on Wednesdays -- and fill up that gorgeous heart of yours with your best energy, trespass those imaginary walls of isolation, knock on your neighbor's door and connect with that neighbor you have not chatted with in weeks (months?).   Like a happy healthy neuron trying to connect with our neighbor neuron, let's generate that love and release it in the form of a hug, a smile, a healthy meal, compassionate listening, loving speech, shining eyes, gardening, a poem, a book, a song, a compliment or any expression of cooperation, collaboration or collectivism -- whatever comes up.  Perhaps you want to carry on some of the legacy of an "ancestor neuron" and share that wisdom with your neighbor.  [If you want to step it up, look for that neighbor who challenges you the most.]

Do we think/feel we will be able to keep that heart full of love regardless of the response of our neighbor? Are we willing to receive some energy from him/her and process it with the same original intention? How long are we able to keep this flow?

One neuron at a time -- to connect the entire healthy brain of the Earth Community. Imagine!"

If you have any stories to share around this, please share it here.

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