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What You Missed That Day You Were Absent From Fourth Grade

On Dec 10, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 I am is all we need to be. After all we are human beings. So I am = being a human being. <3
I have "enough" tattooed on my right wrist, it serves as a daily reminder that I am enough. You are enough. Each of us is enough simple for being. Or I am. <3 
I felt this today at church. The woman next to me started crying, I sent her thoughts of love and care and then I stooped down to reach for tissues out of her reach, I gently placed the tissue on her lap and gently patted her shoulder while sending more thoughts. I cannot explain it entirely, but my heart felt so full of love and connection in that moment. I couldn't fix anything for her, but I could be present. I could BE present <3 I am. You are. We are. Enough. <3 

On Dec 10, 2017 Jo too wrote:

 So beautiful!  More proof, are YOU, that The I AM is living in you! amen ... nd thank you!


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