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The Fallacy of Togetherness

On Aug 22, 2010 Kirsty Spraggon wrote:

Well this is thought provoking, being someone who loves people and crowds I found it a tad one sided. I think it is an interesting percpective but lacks balance. It makes no mention of the great value of relationships. Suffering fools can be a lesson in compassion and humanity, sometimes it's not about you but how you may be of service to another in need. I dont see how we could truely achieve spiritual growth and self awareness alone. It is the mirror that others provide that often help us grow as individuals. Otherwise wouldn't we all live alone on islands. Human beings intuitively want to connect, to share, touch, love and laugh. For me it's about finding the balance and being able to do both. To be completely comfortable alone and silent and to be just as comfortable in the space of others that is humanity at it's best. To love everyone, to learn from each other, support and love one another. As well as providing each other space to grow alone. To say that 'reflection only occurs in solitude' is certainly not true for me, the way I process is to chat and commiserate with my closest female friends and through sharing I reflect and gain clarity. This is not to say some alone time meditating is not also of value just that both can live in harmony...kx    

On Aug 18, 2016 Nahla wrote:

 I agree!


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