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Small Graces

On Dec 2, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I love reading  weekly Awakin Readings. I love reflecting on them. I am grateful for this precious gift. This reading is another  lovely gift.

I love to do both, big and small things.There are times when I get caught up in living in the big dream world missing the small graces right in front of me. This morning, my daughter was  lovingly offering me a cup of tea. She cherishes time spending with me  I missed seeing her right in front of me. I was with her physically but not really with her. I was in my dream world of designing a great and grand project. I missed the small offeringby being mentally occupied with the big thing.. I remember reading Rabindranath Tagore's poem.  While the poet is looking for majestic beauty on the far away Himalayan peaks, the little flower smiling in front him says to the poet, " O great poet! Can't you see the the tiny beauty right in front of you?"

Her question, "Dad, where are you?" wakes me up to taste the tea-her warm, affectionate presence. It is a small graceful act radiating heartfelt loving energy. This Saturday morning, she woke up early to make khichadi for my lunch before she took off for her work. Watching her making food for me joyfully was a blessing to me.Such small acts of kindness are indeed a great source of joy and contentment.

I fondly remember my mom singing a lullaby before I would go to sleep.Her lullaby still resonates in my heart. Such a small gracious gift! And that's the way she lived her life.. She exemplified the wise saying of St Francis of Assisi: " We cannot do great things. We can do little things with great love." I find the words of Kent Neburn very appealing: " The world we shape is the world we touch with our words, our actions, our dreams."

Let us make everyday a good day by doing small good things for us and for others and be grateful for small graces we give and receive!


Jagdish P Dave

On Dec 10, 2017 Amy wrote:



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